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Our goal is to help each athlete develop into the best athlete they can be.

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Player/Parent Handbook

East Coast Power is excited for another great season of basketball. As the club grows we continue to expand/improve our operations and processes. This year we have rolled out our Player/Parent Handbook, with a few adjustments from years past. This handbook will provide players and parents what we expect from them and what they should expect from us, please review the handbook linked on the right and reach out to us with any questions you may have! Each athlete is expected to sign the handbook before the season begins.

College Bound Student Athletes

We strive to help our student-athletes get recruited to play college basketball if they desire to do so, working closely with parents and players to assist them during their transition to the next level of basketball. Below are the breakdowns to what players need to be doing grade by grade if they wish to play at the collegiate level.

9th Grade:

- Take the correct courses.

- Ask your high school counselor for a list of NCAA Core courses that they offer. You will need 16 core courses minimum to play Division I or Division II sports.

10th Grade: 

- Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center: eligibilitycenter.org.

- Stay on track with college approved core courses, ask your counselor for guidance in doing so.

11th Grade:

- Be sure you are on track with approved core courses.

- Take SAT and ACT and submit these to the NCAA Eligibility Center using code 9999.

- Ask your counselor to send your transcripts to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Be sure to include transcripts from any school you may have attended.

- Check to be sure you are on the correct course to graduation.

12th Grade:

- Complete your final NCAA core courses

- Take SAT or ACT tests again if necessary and submit them to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

- Request your national amateurism certifcation beginning April 1 (fall enrollees) or Oct. 1 (spring enrollees) in your NCAA Eligibility Center account at eligibilitycenter.org.

- Following graduation have your counselor upload/send the final transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

NCAA Eligibility Center

If you are in 10th grade and are interested in playing college athletics now is the time to create a profile/account on the NCAA Eligibility Center website. This is the first step in becoming an NCAA athlete.